Rio Olympics for schools

Rio Oympics 2016

We’ve been contacted a lot of late from parents looking for information about the Olympic Games as it appears many schools are doing projects on the upcoming Olympic Games which take place in Rio de Janeiro from the 5th-22nd August.

As a way of helping parents to source information we have put together a useful set of links and information which parents appear to be finding very beneficial for the children’s projects and hope you will too.

Videos per destination:

The Embassy of Brazil has extensive resources online in their website written by British teachers to meet schools and students’ general demands.

The PDF files in the “Brazil in the School” programme are divided in KS2 and KS3 fact sheets and were designed to be easily printed, if necessary. You will also find a printer-friendly poster, videos, a photo gallery and an interactive game about the five Brazilian regions.

The Tourism Section of this Embassy also provides brochures that can be printed and could be useful to illustrate your classes.

Hopefully this provides lots of information for your children!