Luxury Hotel of the Month: UXUA Casa

The bohemian beach bar of Uxua Casa, Trancoso

For our luxury hotel of the month for September we have chosen the barefoot luxury hideaway of UXUA Casa in Trancoso. The finest hotel in this hippy-chic beach paradise, UXUA combines a laid-back ambience with ultra-personalised service, unrivalled privacy and a stunning rustic design.    

The creation of renowned international designer Wilbert Das, UXUA Casa is the place to stay in Trancoso. With each sublime residence boasting sleek, luxury facilities and a décor that captures the bohemian soul of the region, a stay at UXUA could not feel further away from the humdrum of quotidian life. Offering a gourmet restaurant, a stylish bar, an exceptional spa and faultless personalised service – UXUA Casa is unlikely to disappoint even the most discerning traveller.


Trancoso's historic Quadrado - luxury holidays in Brazil

Trancoso’s historic Quadrado – the picturesque setting for UXUA


How to Get There

Trancoso is accessed via the airport in the nearby city of Porto Seguro. Porto Seguro, in turn, is accessible via direct internal flights from Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and São Paulo. From the local airport in Porto Seguro, Trancoso is an hour and fifteen-minute drive. UXUA Casa enjoys a privileged position on the town’s historic ‘Quadrado’ central square, close to the main boutiques and restaurants the village has to offer, and just a short walk away from the beach.


Rooms in a tropical luxury style at Uxua Casa, Trancoso - luxury holidays in Brazil

UXUA offers rooms that epitomise relaxed, tropical luxury



UXUA Casa is composed of nine exclusive individual residences, or ‘casas’, each with their own themed design, paying homage to a character or element that has influenced the history of Trancoso in the years since its foundation. Thoughtful design touches invite the splendid outdoors in: the pops of playful magenta colouring the sensual interiors of the Seu Pedrinho house are conceived to celebrate the village’s oldest bougainvillea plant which grows on the house’s original terrace. Casa Eugênia integrates the ancient tree for which it is named into the design and structure of the house itself.  This stylish hideaway has been described as a ‘masterpiece of rustic modernism’ and houses a luxurious private plunge pool as well as eco-conscious design touches – plush sofas made with canvas recycled from the covers of Amazonian trucks being a standout example.

For honeymooners looking for something truly special, we would recommend the elevated Casa Da Ávore treehouse. Combining non-invasive green architectural principles with modern luxuries like an open-air spa tub, the house is a palace of responsibly sourced wood, constructed exclusively using reclaimed and organic materials, and finished with exquisite objets d’art handcrafted by the local indigenous Pataxó communities.


The bohemian beach bar of Uxua Casa, Trancoso

UXUA Casa’s bohemian beach bar overlooking the stunning Bahian coastline


Food & Drink

Offering a light and healthy cuisine that celebrates the quality of local organic produce, UXUA’s gourmet cuisine features a wealth of delicious fresh seafood and exotic fruit. Drawing inspiration from Trancoso’s dynamic gastronomical heritage, UXUA’s menu fuses elements of traditional Portuguese cooking with indigenous recipes, ingredients and techniques passed down through generations in the local Pataxó community. Standout dishes include the seafood medley on a smoky bed of black rice and the traditional Bahian moqueca – a lightly curried fish stew made with sweet coconut milk.


Uxua's stylish green aventurine pool

Uxua’s unique green aventurine swimming pool – locals say the stone has healing qualities


Outstanding Feature

Trancoso’s initial attraction to the hippy communes that made this sleepy fishing village their home in the 1970s was based on the appeal of a life of personal wellness inspired by the bounty of Bahia’s unspoiled nature. UXUA’s Almescar Spa is named for the native almescar trees prized by the native Pataxó indigenous peoples for its alluring musky scent and restorative qualities. The sumptuous oil produced by the trees forms the basis of many of the spa’s unique signature treatments.

UXUA’s invigorating menu of therapies celebrate locally sourced ingredients and are often reimaginations of ancient Pataxó remedies. The indulgent handmade spa products contain Brazil nuts, pink pepper seeds, dark cocoa grown in the hotel’s gardens, assorted exotic fruits and organic coconut oil which are employed during specially-curated therapies like relaxing oil massages, lymphatic drainage, Bahian hot stone treatments, and a range of rejuvenating facials.


Wilbert Das' stylish design touches at Uxua Casa, Trancoso, Brazil

The rustic chic design touches of head designer Wilbert Das create the perfect laid-back ambience


Best For

Utterly transformative and completely unique, a stay at UXUA makes for a truly unforgettable honeymoon. For an eco-conscious generation of couples, UXUA’s laid-back atmosphere and rustic design principles appeal to those seeking a responsible luxury experience in harmony with nature. Romantic touches such as private plunge pools, secluded terraces and double outdoor showers mean this hotel is the perfect match for a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon holiday.


Rustic chic interiors at Uxua Casa - luxury hotel in Trancoso

Barefoot luxury at its best – Uxua combines the neutral tones of the sand and sea with pops of Bahian colour


Must Do Activity

There is no better way to spend a day than relaxing on the pristine beaches of Trancoso at the UXUA beach bar. In a hotel defined by its guiding philosophy of Bahian authenticity and low-impact design principles, the beach bar – made out of a converted antique wooden fishing boat – is the epitome of barefoot luxury ‘cool’. Serving Bahian cuisine and tropical cocktails, guests can enjoy light snacks on the stunning beach and while away days by the sparkling sea kayaking, surfing and playing beach volleyball until sunset. The fish-sticks and passionfruit caipirinhas are highly recommended.


Are you planning a trip to Brazil? Learn more about Trancoso by clicking here and visit our UXUA Casa page for more information on the hotel. Contact us today to begin designing your bespoke holiday with our dedicated travel specialists.