Fernando de Noronha: How to Do it

Sea turtle - marine wildlife - northern Brazil, Fernando de Noronha

With some of the most picturesque beaches on planet Earth and world-class marine wildlife, Fernando de Noronha is a luxury paradise for beach lovers.

The Fernando de Noronha archipelago, located just over 200 miles off Brazil’s northeast coast, is made up of 21 small islands and is an important marine conservation zone. The archipelago one of Brazil’s most enchanting destinations, thanks to its abundant marine life and pristine sandy beaches framed by towering rocky peaks. Its warm, crystalline waters are home to hundreds of fish, turtles, rays, reef sharks, and dolphins and the islands themselves have many endemic species of reptiles and birds to enjoy.

Bespoke Brazil specialist Ellie explains when is best to visit the island, how to get there and what you can do during your stay.


Classic view of the stunning beaches on Fernando de Noronha


When should I go?

Fernando de Noronha is all year-round destination, with air temperatures being fairly constant throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the islands and to fully enjoy the sunshine is the dry season: from August to January.

The archipelago’s climate is tropical with two well defined seasons: the dry season, mentioned above, and the rainy season, from February to July. March, April and May are the rainiest months (especially April), so if you plan on relaxing on the beach for most of your holiday, try to avoid them.

Air temperatures and humidity are both reasonably consistent throughout the year, so no matter when you go, the temperatures will likely be between 25ºc and 30ºc. As to water temperatures, they sit comfortably around 28ºC year-round, with little variation. This means swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, SUP and many other activities are never off the table.


Stand Up Paddling in Fernando de Noronha - Luxury holiday to Brazil


How can I get there?

There are two main ways of getting to Fernando de Noronha: by air or by sea. There are direct domestic flights that operate frequently to Fernando de Noronha from the northern cities of Recife, and Natal and indirect options from Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and other major cities.

For those on a much larger budget, you can also go to the islands on a private or chartered yacht. This makes for a much more luxurious and unique experience, meaning you can explore a larger variety of the islands at a leisurely pace.

Fernando de Noronha can easily be combined with other destinations on your trip to Brazil, from the jungles of the Amazon and the luxurious mainland beaches of the northeast, to the bustling big cities of Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo.


A striking sunset viewed from Fernando de Noronha


What can I do in Fernando de Noronha?

The main things you may want to do on the islands is just enjoy the world-class beaches, swim in the crystal clear waters and watch the sunset every night with a cold cocktail in your hands, but there are quite a few more things on offer that the adventurous traveller might want to take part in.

Water based activities are a must.  Making the most of the perfect sea conditions by trying out water sports is a highlight of Fernando de Noronha and there are activities and tours to suit any level of experience. Snorkelling and scuba diving are popular for discovering the thousands of sea creatures that swim in the warm waters. Additionally, taking a boat trip around the island is the best way to see all of Fernando de Noronha and visit some of its more remote pristine beaches, looking out for schools of dolphins along the way. SUP, jet skiing and kayaking are just a handful of other ways you can discover the waters of the islands.


Dolphins off the coast of Fernando de Noronha


There are also many activities you can do on land. One of the most popular things to do is the Atalaia hike which follows the island’s coastline with sweeping views of turquoise sea framed by the jagged peaks. This is one of the best hikes to do on the main island and we thoroughly recommend it. You can also rent a buggy, bike or car for a quicker way to explore the island’s dramatic landscapes.


Sea turtle - marine wildlife - northern Brazil, Fernando de Noronha


Where should I stay?

Our all-time favourite hotel in Fernando de Noronha is the Pousada Maravilha. This hotel is hidden on a beautiful bay of the south-eastern side of the main island, overlooking the turquoise water, sea cliffs, and the ancient volcanic rock formations of the coast.

The Pousada Maravilha has a mere eight bungalows and apartments nestled into the hillside. Each one has a beautiful deck overlooking the stunning bay, which is often visited by dolphins and turtles. The design is based around simple, tasteful and sustainable elements.


Pousada Maravilha


Pousada Maravilha also offers an infinity pool, sauna, and massage parlour. The guest house provides a comprehensive beach service to ensure you are taken care of when relaxing on the beach and for those who want to explore the area, they offer a boat ride around the archipelago.  The restaurant is a real delight with the menu full of modern twists on regional favourites.


Stunning views from Pousada Maravilha, Fernando de Noronha - Luxury holidays to Brazil


Planning a trip to the Fernando de Noronha archipelago? Spending three or four nights here will give you plenty of time to wind down, stroll along the sandy beaches and swim with marine life in the pristine sea to your hearts content. If you can spare a few days from your Brazil itinerary, we promise you won’t regret it!

Read more about Fernando de Noronha here and contact us today to begin planning your bespoke luxury trip to Brazil.