Exploring Charming Paraty on Brazil’s Emerald Coastline

FLIP seaside colonial and charming town Paraty in Brazil

With turquoise waters, golden sands and lush Atlantic rainforest, Paraty is a haven for those seeking a relaxing holiday. Just 4 hours from Rio, along a beautiful coastal road which is a joy to drive, the colonial town of Paraty has much to offer those looking to visit Brazil. There are few combinations that work better to encapsulate city and beach, creating the perfect introduction to this dynamic country.

One thing that strikes any visitor is the authentic feel of this small town. Cobbled streets wind along the seafront and extend into the town, where boutique shops and restaurants line the pavements. If you are looking for a souvenir, this is the place to spend your cash! Boldly pattered textiles are expertly crafted into dresses, bags and table linen. Handwoven hammocks are commonplace, along with a variety of wooden and ceramic ornaments.

Uniquely, these streets flood at every high tide, making decent footwear an essential item to pack. For photographers this coastal paradise provides endless opportunities to get some breath-taking shots. The harbour, with its brightly coloured boats and traditional white church are a good place to start.

The classic laid-back vibe of Brazil is strong here, and away from the town centre it is likely you will be tempted to enjoy a cocktail at one of the many beach bars located along the seafront. Further afield, the natural beauty of the region really shines through. The water is a striking emerald colour, hence the name of this coastline, and is dotted with tiny islands. Each is bursting with jungle, which stops abruptly at the postcard-style sandy beaches on which day trippers relax.

To truly experience this enchanting part of the world, a day trip on a traditional schooner boat is your best option. Sail from island to island, sipping on cocktails and soaking up the sun. At each island, strap on a snorkel or just laze on the shore. Under the waves, a variety of fish can be seen, or turtles if you’re lucky! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the trees too – small monkeys and tropical birds also call this place home.

Spending 3 or 4 nights here will give you plenty of time to wind down, explore the shops and delicious food on offer, and swim in the pristine sea to your hearts content. If you can spare 5 day or more, we promise you won’t regret it!


Where to Stay

Accommodation options in Paraty consist of small boutique hotels or private villas, perfect for couples and families alike. Two hotels that we love are;

Casa Turquesa

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Pousada Literaria de Paraty

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If you’re looking for something more private and secluded, we can also organise a tailor made trip to include one of these private villas;

Casarao Amarelo

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Casa Cairucu

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