Whale Watching Brazil

View these giant mammals on a holiday to Brazil

Whale Watching Brazil

You don’t immediately think of whale watching when you think of Brazil but the country makes for an excellent holiday destination to see these beautiful creatures in the world.

The season runs from July to November and there are two primary locations to enjoy whale watching as part of your holiday to Brazil, which are Bahia and Santa Catarina. Within the Bahia lies the aptly named Whale Coast and the Abrolhos Archipelago, an area of extreme biological importance and the home, in the second half of the year, to shoals of Humpback whales.

In the south of Brazil the Southern Coast of Santa Catarina becomes the stage for an amazing natural spectacle, with the arrival of the Southern Right Whales. Escaping the Antarctic winter, they migrate north in search of warmer and calmer waters for reproduction and nurturing of their young calves. In the small, half-moon shaped bays of Santa Catarina, they come very close to the shore and on clear days they can be seen from your hotel room or the beachfront. The boat trips though are a must for a close encounter with these giant mammals on a holiday to Brazil.