Laidback beach village in Bahia, a favourite with celebrities


Trancoso is perhaps the coolest beach destination in Brazil.

It’s where the Brazil’s celebrities head to super chic hotels to live it up in luxury. Situated on the southern Bahia coast the town was a little known village some ten years ago but now is the place to be seen. The wealthy from Rio and Sao Paulo come here for a beach break and it is filled with designer boutiques and restaurants offering the finest food outside of these two cities.

The town is centred on the historic Quadrado, a large grassy square and the town still retains an intimate charm and offers a variety of accommodation. The lovely little pastel coloured buildings offer good shopping, even away from the designer boutiques and there are gorgeous beaches such as the Praia dos Nativos or the Praia do Trancoso.

Aside from fabulous accommodation options the town is next to one of the best golf courses in Brazil, the Terravista club with its superb 17th hole and is a challenging course.

Trancoso provides the perfect escape for those seeking privacy, an exotic location and some of the best beaches on a holiday to Brazil. It’s perfect for a luxury holiday to Brazil and ideal for honeymooners.