The Venice of Brazil


The wonderful coastal city of Recife is often referred to as the Venice of Brazil and has been attracting tourists for many years with an enticing mix of historic architecture, wonderful beaches and perhaps the best music scene in Brazil.

The city is made up of many canals, rivers and bridges which link the three main sections of the city of Recife Antigo, Santo Antonio and Sao Jose. A couple of decades ago Recife Antigo was a no go area but it has been refurbished and is now the colonial heart of the city with a great musical heartbeat centre. The narrow and confusing streets of Santo Antonio are wonderful for exploring and getting lost in and it is in this neighbourhood and the adjoining Sao Jose where are found the bulk of Recife’s historical monuments including many a beautiful baroque church.

Most of the main hotels in Recife are situated around the Boa Viagem beach area which is a few kilometres south of the city centre with lovely clean sands however many people come to Recife to continue further south the resort of Porto de Galinhas where better beaches can be found.

To the north of the city can be found the colonial gem that is Olinda, the former state capital and now pretty much a suburb of Recife and the two cities combine to produce one of the best carnivals in Brazil.

Being only one of two airports with flights to the paradise island of Fernando de Noronha and with so much else to offer the visitor, Recife really is a great city to make part of your holiday to Brazil.