Porto de Galinhas

The best beach in Brazil?

Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas is one of the most famous beaches in Brazil and according to many is the best beach in Brazil. It regular wins the accolade of Brazil best beach and it’s easy to see why. Once a small fishing village, it is now the playground of Brazil’s rich and famous and a fabulous addition to any holiday to Brazil.

Porto de Galinhas is still a small village with only a couple of streets with a central square, called Pracinha. The village enjoys great weather all year round with a warm sea and permanent breeze and the beach is easily accessed from nearby Recife.

The town’s name literally translates as Port of Chickens which dates back to the time of slavery when the town was used as a dropping off port for slave ships coming from Africa after the government of Recife prohibited slave ships from landing in the city. As it was forbidden to mention slavery, the word spread as “there are new chickens in the port” and the name of the village was born.

Aside from the wonderful beaches there is some great surfing. Whilst at low tide the inshore rock pools and reefs form perfect areas to snorkel and view the colourful fish which become trapped there. The area also is home to a turtle research project and many nights you can see hundreds of baby turtles being released into the ocean for the first time, a magical sight.

It’s a great beach destination and combines perfectly on a Brazil holiday with a few days in Recife or Olinda or as part of a self-drive holiday in the north east.

What’s not to like about Porto de Galinhas?!