Fernando de Noronha

Brazil's best diving and a luxury honeymoon destination

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is one of the most beautiful places in the world. That sounds like a big statement but it is hard for anyone to disagree. It’s a picture perfect archipelago of 21 islands, with deserted beaches and some of the best diving on the planet.

The main island also is home to THE BEST BEACH IN THE WORLD according to Trip Advisor which bestowed this honour on to Baia do Sancho in most of the last few years.

The islands are 340 kilometres off the Brazilian mainland and accessed by flights from Recife and Natal. The infrequency of these flights means that visitor numbers are controlled so the island never feels overcrowded.

The islands and the waters that surround them form part of Brazil’s first national marine park and all visitors are required to pay a daily environmental tax.  The environment and ecology play an important role on the island and buildings are strictly regulated.

Forested mountains and hill protrude from the islands’ interior whereas the beaches which surround the islands are stunning with perfect sands and perfect water.

In the waters you can find huge schools of dolphins which come close to the shore and these waters are perfect for diving. Noronha has some of the best diving in the world with countless wreck dives possible and an abundance of unique fish.

Entrance taxes

In order to better protect and preserve the paradise that is Fernando de Noronha, visitors must pay an environmental tax and a fee to enter National Marine Park areas.

Every visitor to Noronha needs to pay the Taxa de Preservação Ambiental (Daily Environmental Tax), which is calculated per day. You can not access the island without paying this tax. This payment is processed by the Fernando de Noronha’s administration for island urban and infrastructure maintenance and is calculated by the number of days that visitors will spend at Noronha. After the 10th day on the island this tax increases exponentially. The good news is that most people can do all of this on the internet at www.noronha.pe.gov.br, even before they arrive on the island (it tends to be easier for Brazilians because of the system the website uses), but you may also pay for this tax with any major credit card upon arrival at Noronha‘s airport.

In order to take advantage of all that Noronha has to offer, you will also need to pay the National Marine Park Fee. The amount to be paid by Brazilian visitors and all other foreign visitors differs due to tax legislation but the permit gives visitors unlimited access for 10 days. Adults older than 60 and children under 12 are not required to pay this fee.

The National Marine Park Fee may be paid on the internet at www.parnanoronha.com.br or in person at any of the Marine Park kiosks on Fernando de Noronha island. In case you opt for internet payment, you will still need to go to one of the island’s kiosks in order to print your permit card once you arrive at Noronha. The permit card will grant you access to most Marine Park beaches that are open to the public, such as Sueste, Atalaia and Sancho beaches. For those participating on water based activities such as the boat ride and SCUBA diving should also have their permit cards handy as they get checked at the pier of Noronha, so look for one of the National Park kiosks and enjoy the island.

The fees can be paid for by cash or card.

If you are looking for paradise, look no further. Ideal for a honeymoon or a diving holiday to Brazil.