Canoa Quebrada

Laidback beach village close to Fortaleza

Canoa Quebrada

Located a short drive away from Fortaleza, the beautiful town of Canoa Quebrada is a former hippie haven, with people drawn to the town by the miles of bright white sand and the crystal blue sea offset by the striking red cliffs.

Once a quiet fishing town in Aracati, tourism discovered Canoa Quebrada in the 1970’s when backpackers started coming to this gem of the Ceara coastline.

Today the town has an abundance of activities to attract tourists including kitesurfing, paragliding, horse-riding, buggy tours and wind-surfing to name but a few.

Due to its proximity to the sea there are some wonderful seafood restaurants in the town but it is after dinner that the town comes alive. The town has fabulous nightlife with lots of bars to keep you entertained long after the sun has set on the red cliffs.