Butterfly House Bahia

A luxury eco resort in Bahia, Brazil

Butterfly House Bahia

Beautifully located on the Maraú Peninsula, Butterfly House is a luxury eco-resort just 250km south of Salvador. It’s location on the Bahia coastline is part of a pristine environment offering white sand beaches, rich coral reefs, indigenous local tribes and World Heritage-listed rain forests. The eco resort proudly offers eight exquisite villas, a palm-enshrouded swimming pool, gastronomic restaurant, family playroom and acres of tropical gardens sprinkled with hammocks and bamboo recliners, it is the ultimate refuge for travellers seeking adventurous luxury.

It’s splendidly remote location means that upon arrival you are immersed in nature, with no high rise buildings or new developments – instead a protected conservation area with miles of untouched beauty. The closest village, Barra Grade, is fifteen kilometres away, and therefore the lodge has some impressive eco-credentials.

Chloe Gibbs, the owner of Butterfly House Bahia and a passionate environmentalist, built the lodge over a period of 10 years to avoid disturbing the local environment and left virtually no carbon footprint behind. Everything from the grass-thatched roofs down to the ethically-sourced bathroom products is designed with the environment in mind, creating one of the best examples of eco-luxury in South America.

Visitors today will find strict measures are in place to ensure the lodge doesn’t pollute the area. Organic waste is composted, non-organic matter is separated and treated before being sent for recycling and the resort’s sewer system is designed to produce eco-friendly biofertiliser. But don’t worry – plenty of hot water is provided by solar heating via a state-of-the-art ‘plate and boiler’ system.