The eco-tourism capital of Brazil


Prior to the 1980’s Bonito was an unheard of destination, a small town in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, which has slowly become the eco-tourism capital of Brazil.

Its main attractions are natural, such as river springs with crystalline waters, beautiful waterfalls, caves, forests and a great diversity of fauna and flora. The town and surrounding area offers a huge selection of adventure activities such as hikes, swims under waterfalls, caving, snorkelling, rafting, horseback riding, scuba diving, mountain biking, abseiling, in short, a little bit of almost everything can be done by visitors of all ages and interests.

Here you can snorkel in the clear waters of the Rio da Prata and Olho d’Água River following a walk through forest, observing birds and others wild animals. Snorkel inside an immense natural aquarium of crystalline waters, rich in plant and animal life.

Visit the Buraco das Araras where you can hike on a trail around South America’s largest sinkhole, 124 metres (407 ft) deep with a diameter of 500 metres (1640 ft), enabling a panoramic view of its interior where Red-and-green Macaws and other birds build their nests.

The Gruta do Lago Azul is another must see. Discovered by a Terenan Indian in 1924, the cave has a blue lake with dimensions that make it one of Earth’s biggest flooded caves. In 1992 a Brazilian expedition of divers found a series mammal fossils – such as the Sabre Tooth Tiger and the Sloth – that lived during the Pleistoceno Period – 6,000 to 10,000 years ago).

For the more adventurous visit the Anhumas Abismo and abseil into the abyss or visit the Lagoa Misteriosa for some of the best cave diving in the world.

Due to their proximity to each other, Bonito combines perfectly with the southern Pantanal for those looking for both adventure and wildlife on their holiday to Brazil.