Birdwatching Brazil

With over 1700 species of birds, Brazil is a birdwatchers paradise

Birdwatching Brazil

Brazil is home to over 1700 species of birds; over 200 of these are endemic to Brazil which is the highest number of any country in the world. There are some incredible destinations throughout the country to observe birdlife. For those without a specific interest in birding then the Pantanal and Iguassu Falls both offers great opportunities to see toucans and colourful parrots in close proximity.

For those with a keener interest in birdwatching then two fabulous areas to see more unique species on a holiday to Brazil are Itatiaia National Park, just north of Rio de Janeiro, and Alto Paraiso in the southern Amazon. The latter of these two in particular is a very popular spot due to the location of the wonderful Cristalino Jungle Lodge, perfect for birdwatchers and highly recommended by National Geographic and one of our favourite hotels in Brazil.

For birdwatchers, a Brazil holiday is paradise.